Chimamanda Adichie is not all About Feminism.

I have always been shamefaced to express my love for Chimamanda Adichie. Barged with societal values and toxic masculinity. What will people say? “ How can a guy see a feminist as an ICON”

So I watched her videos behind the scenes, fascinated not only by her strong desire to promote justice but her extreme wittiness, calm, humor-filled, and confident way of passing life-changing speeches.

It is quite unfathomable that many still dislike her ideologies and are so keen to rebuke any message she has to pass across.

Aside from Feminism, Chimamanda passes strong inspiring messages across the world. Based on her life, books, and her life-changing speeches, here some key ideologies of Chimamanda that is inspiring

There is danger in a single story. Avoid stereotypes. When you show a person or a group of people as only one thing over and over again, that is what they cease to become.

You can be both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time.

You have the right to question the status quo of things. If things don’t feel right you should ask questions. Don’t silence that voice.

There is a difference between malice and mistake. Always remember the context and never disregard intent.

Always tell the truth no matter how lies look more apt. We do better when we veer towards the truth. Telling the truth does not always mean everything will be alright, it means you will be able to sleep well at night.

Think of people as people. Not as abstractions who have to conform to outrageous logic but as fragile, imperfect people with pride that can be hurt and heart that can be touched.

Never silence yourself for the fear that the truth you speak might provoke. Never set out to speak for the sole purpose of provoking.

Be courageous enough to say “I don't know.” Ignorance acknowledged is an opportunity, ignorance denied is a closed-door.

The universal does not belong to any group of people.

You have to do something until you have something else to do. You just have to try. Procrastinating is a form of fear, you can not create anything of value without self-doubt and self-belief (so it is okay to self-doubt)



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